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Image Optimizer

With Image Optimizer you can optimize every images on your site. It will scan the whole site, and pick up every image from themes, plugins and upload folder. The default quality is 100%, which provides lossless…


Enable if you would like lazyload for images. If lazylaod is enabled the images will be replaced with low quality placeholders and will be loaded only when they almost appeared in the viewport. Exclude Images…

Inline Small Images

You can specify a file size limit, under this limit images will be base64 encoded and inlined. It will be applied for <img> tags, and background images as well.

Keep Original Images

If you enable this option you will be able to keep and restore original images. Of course it will use some extra space on your server. You can bulk remove/restore original images in Image Optimizer

Resize Large Images

If this option is enabled, you can specify maximum image width in px. The plugin will resize images on upload which are larger than the specified maximum width. Previously uploaded images can be resized with…

Image Quality

You can set default image quality (separately for JPEG and for PNG images). You can specify different quality settings in image optimizer settings individually for every processes. JPEG quality Default JPEG quality (in %) for…

Optimize Images on Upload

Enable if you would like to optimize the images during the upload using the our Image Optimization API service. Already uploaded images can be optimized with Image Optimizer.