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Merge Styles

Merge CSS files to reduce number of HTML requests. Highly recommended to use.

Lazy Load Scripts

Load scripts only after first user interaction, if one of these strings is found in the match. You can use it for slow chats, analytics, etc.

Print merged scripts inline

You should use this function only if WordPress can't write files and you would like to cache everything with Memcached. It is a really rare situation, usually you don't need it.

Exclude Proxy 3rd Party Assets

Exclude scripts from being proxied if one of these strings is found in the match. With this option you can skip problematic 3rd party scripts/styles and proxy the rest.

Proxy 3rd Party Assets

Proxy 3rd party javascript and CSS files which created by javascript (eg: Google Analytics). It can improve the browser caching (set more reasonable expiry time), however it can break scripts sometime. Use it carefully. Note:…

Minify Javascript with API

Use Compute API for minify. If you have an invalid script on your site, it can break the merged script file. In that case you can enable this option, our API will try to fix…

Minify Javascripts

Enable minify for javascript. With this option you can decrease the request size a lot, it is a must.

Exclude Script Localizations

Exclude javascript localizations from merged scripts. Please note that localizations contain variables and personalized data you should enable this option. Otherwise you may will have separate js files for all of your pages.

Exclude Inline Scripts

This option is similar to the previous one, the only difference is that it is for inline scripts. So if one of the specified words is found in the code the script won't be merged.…

Exclude Scripts

Exclude scripts from being merged if one of these strings is found in the match. If it is necessary (eg there is a conflict) you can exclude scripts. Usually you don't need this option.

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