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Resource saving mode

This option will reduce intelligent cache check requests. Recommended for limited resource severs. You also should use this option if there are dynamic generated parts (eg tokens) in the source.

Clear Page Cache After Post

Select pages where cache should be cleared after publish/update post. With this option you can clear for example the homepage's cache after you posted a new article.

Cache Expiry Time

If you choose the Time Based cache expiry you can specify the expiry time here (in seconds).

Cache Expiry Mode

You can choose Action Based cache expiry, the traditional Time Based cache expiry, or Intelligent cache expiry option. Action- and Time Based are the best choices for most sites and webshops. WooCommerce, BBPress and Buddypress…

Cache Path

If you are using Disk cache, you can specify a cache path. By default it will be /path/to/wp-content/cache

Caching Mode

Disk cache with rewrites is fastest. However sometimes you can't edit the .htaccess file or the Nginx config so Disk cache with PHP is also available as a fallback. If memcached is installed you can…

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