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These pages show Swift Performance basic caching options.

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Discover Swift Performance’s powerful options.

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Use unlimited Image Optimizer API, and Critical Fonts

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Cache Expiry Mode

You can choose Action Based cache expiry, the traditional Time Based cache expiry, or Intelligent cache expiry option. Action- and Time Based are the best choices for most sites and webshops. WooCommerce, BBPress and Buddypress…

Caching Mode

Disk cache with rewrites is fastest. However sometimes you can't edit the .htaccess file or the Nginx config so Disk cache with PHP is also available as a fallback. If memcached is installed you can…

Cloudflare support

Enable Auto Purge If you enable this option the plugin will purge the cache on Cloudflare as well when it clears plugin cache. It is recommended to enable this option if you are using Cloudflare…

Database Optimizer

With database optimizer you can clear unnecessary db entries, optimize and re-index the tables. You can also set scheduled tasks. Available options Reindex tables Optimize tables Clear Expired transients Clear Revisions Clear Trashed posts Clear…

Generate Critical CSS

Swift Performance can generate the Critical CSS (or Critical Path) on the fly for every pages. What is Critical CSS?

Google Analytics

Bypass Google Analytics If you enable this option your site will send pageviews and events with AJAX requests in the background using the Google Analytics Measurement protocol Tracking ID You can specify here the Google…

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